Welcome to the most informative reference guide for the skilled nursing industry. Published by the Valuation & Information Group and the most comprehensive guide of its kind, the Information Digest for the Skilled Nursing Industry contains a veritable wealth of information about the industry including nursing home performance by state and nationally. This is the most comprehensive guide that’s ever been published.The Information Digest for the Skilled Nursing Industry is divided into two main sections. The first summarizes information on the nursing home industry within each state with specific attention to Medicaid reimbursement. The second summarizes information on specific measures of nursing home performance. In order to provide you with the most absolute, current information, the online version is updated quarterly for each state.If you’re in the field or a related one, the Information Digest for the Skilled Nursing Industry will serve as an indispensable tool. View our demo now, or go directly to the Subscribe page by clicking on one of the links below. You simply can’t go wrong by ordering your copy today!
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The Valuation & Information Group was established to provide specialized, expert valuations and services to facility operators, lenders and their advisors. The primary focus of the firm includes appraisal and market feasibility studies for a wide variety of property types in the senior housing and healthcare industy throughtout the United States. Wall Street looks to the V&IG for its expertise. Eljay, LLC provides consulting services on design, redesign and implementation of Medicaid payment systems for nursing homes. The company has also assisted numerous states in the design of revenue maximization programs through implementation of provider tax and intergovernmental transfer programs. In the last five years, the principal of the company has been involved in designing new Medicaid payment systems in 10 states.